Is the course full time? Is there a remote option?

The course is full-time and onsite in our central London office. You will need to be there 9-5. We don't have a remote course.

  • The course is full-time. We don't offer any part time courses at Makers, simply because we feel that learning to code on a part-time basis isn't sufficient in teaching you to become a world class software developer.
  • The course usually requires 55-60 hours of studying per week. We do not recommend you work even part time while on the course.
  • We don't offer online courses. We offer to make you into a junior developer in 12 weeks' time - and we then help you to get a job at a hiring partner, who choose you because they trust our educational standards. We can't bring you to their desired level via an online course. (Online courses such as CodeAcademy and Treehouse are designed to kick start your education journey but they're unlikely to fully prepare you to change your life and become a full-time software developer.)
  • We appreciate that it can be difficult to commit to a 12 week full time course however, we run cohorts every month so there's no rush. If you're not in the position to join full-time, wait to submit your application for when you can do this and get the most out of the experience.
  • We don't recommend you work next to doing the Makers course - it is a very demanding course.
  • Our address is 50-52 Commercial Street, London E1 6LT. (FYI: If you are an apprentice, you will be learning in a different building.)