Who can benefit from the course?

We are looking for students who enjoy coding, want a career in coding, and want to work on projects that represent a positive change.

How do you know if coding is for you?

If you want;

  • job you’re proud of and you want to work with passionate, open-minded people who feel the same way.
  • To be around colleagues who are interested in the world and the future.
  • Skills that are current and will evolve and continue to be in demand, even after the robots come.
  • To solve problems in a way that is tangible and provides a reward in its own right.
  • An extreme intellectual challenge.

Then we highly recommend you start coding – and find a job that involves coding.

What background do our students come from? This lists the background of some of our students from the last 6 months:

We also have a number of computer science graduates who decided to join Makers to get hands-on experience.

What you can expect from Makers:

  • A curriculum that focuses on learning by doing, and Agile practices
  • A lot of pair programming.
  • Workshops and code review by expert coaches.
  • Holistic Learning: at Makers, mental health matters.