Do I need to be great at Maths?

In short, the answer is... no!

Coding is often spoken about in the same conversation as Maths - there are a few reasons for this. One - Coding is a logic based practice. When talking about school subjects that might cross over, Maths is most often used as an example as it's logic based and something that everyone is familiar with which leads to point two - Computer Science degrees often ask for Maths as a requirement, but computer science isn't software development.

What we mean is, the reasoning in Maths is similar to the reasoning in coding - you have to follow rules to get to an answer however, we're not going to ask you to find the area of shape A or tell us what time two trains will cross at point B. We never look at grades during the application process so whether you're an A* or a U grade Maths student, if you're a logical thinker, you should apply.