What is the fellowship programme?

The fellowship is a route into a career as a software engineer - it is long term commitment (minimum 16 months) and the programme designed to get you from the start of the pre-course to becoming a mid-level developer. Your spot on the course is sponsored by Makers - you don’t pay a penny to take the 16 week course, which follows the same curriculum as the paid course. After completing the course, you will be supported by the biggest careers team of any coding bootcamp in the UK to find the right job for you. Once placed with a hiring partner, you will become a Makers employee for 12 months on a salary of £32k. Over the 12 months you will continue to be coached and supported to go from Junior Dev to Mid-level Dev and into a permanent post with the hiring partner.

The fellowship programme is an accelerated pathway into a career as a software engineer and has a higher bar to entry than the main paid course. Fellows may also be asked to relocate to be placed with the right hiring partner - we will discuss this with you during the selection process.

We have been inundated with applications for the fellowship programme and have now reached capacity. You can register to keep in touch with us for updates on the programme. If you want to get started with your new career sooner, you can apply for the paid main course and find out more about the financing options.