Which tools and resources help with effective remote working and group collaboration?

Necessary tools enabling us to work remotely effectively

When training remotely, each Makers student should make sure they have:

  • A good internet connection
  • A comfortable space to work from
  • Headphones and a microphone
  • Registered for a free Zoom account (https://zoom.us/)
  • Downloaded the zoom client from that page (Resources > Download Zoom Client)

1) Check your internet connection at home

  • All remote working students should have access to a reliable and fast internet connection, which can support video conversations. Whilst working remotely, communicating via video conferencing is essential when collaborating with your peers and will help you build strong working relationships and share ideas.
  • It is the individual’s responsibility to check the quality of their internet connection at home (typically above 20Mb downlink / 1Mb uplink grade) to ensure effective work - you can check this here: https://www.speedtest.net/ 
  • If your internet speed is above this level , but you find it provides inconsistent connection, when videoconferencing for example, you should explore getting a wifi booster from your internet service provider. Alternatively, using an ethernet cable to plug into your wifi hub can provide a more stable connection.
  • If your internet connection is below the 20Mb download level, Makers can provide you with a 4G dongle. Please email the Ops Team via the ops-team@makers.tech to ask for a dongle. Please note that the dongles work off the 4G network, and will not guarantee a consistent and stable connection, as service is dependent on your geographical location. 
  • Dongles are loaned to current learners only and are subject to the Student Dongle Usage policy - use of data should be limited to learning related activities only.

    2) Organise your remote setup workspace

    • Having a dedicated working area/spot at home is important to set healthy boundaries between work and home life when working remotely for an extended period of time.
    • For the main part, Makers will not be providing students with monitors at home. However, if you have a disability/access need that makes a monitor a necessity this can be organised with the Ops Team by emailing ops-team@makers.tech
    • We recommend ensuring that your workspace is set up to maximise comfort and protect against poor posture and repetitive strain. Working at a desk with a comfortable chair, in a well lit area is preferable while learning. 
    • Remember to take breaks, get up and stretch and get fresh air if possible. Having regular breaks helps to improve your focus and guard against fatigue.

          Resources for remote group collaboration

          • Our coach Josh Hill has created this handy list of resources here