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What are the requirements to get on the Makers course?

Makers teaches the course from beginner level. However, before someone starts the course, we ask them to do some free, online courses.

You can start your application process without any background in coding. However, before we can ask you to come in for a pairing session (your interview for the course), we ask you to 

Why do we ask you to do that?

  • we - and more importantly, you! - need to know if you enjoy coding. We don't want you to start the course, pay the fees, and realise two weeks in that this is just not for you. 
  • the course is demanding, there's no getting around it. We ask 3 months of your time to prepare you for a completely new career. It's an intense rate of studying - before someone is accepted onto the course, we need to make sure that they can keep up. 

For more tips on how to maximize your chances of getting onto the Makers course, please check out this post.