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What happens during a pair programming session?

Understanding what the pairing session (technical test) is and what to expect during the pairing session.

The pair programming session is where you and a member of our admissions team will  have a small discussion around your motivations to join Makers. We will then give you 4-5 Ruby challenges which we want you to work through. We are looking at not only your coding ability but much more:

  • What is your communication like?
  • Can you explain your thought processes and your code?  
  • How do you handle error messages? 
  • What is your problem solving like? 

The pairing session lasts 45 minutes. This will essentially be your interview for the Makers course. If we feel like you are ready to join a cohort, we will email you to offer you a place. If we feel like you need some more time to work on your coding skills, we will send you some coding resources to work through and ask you to come in for a second pairing session.

The best way to prepare is brush up on Ruby with our recommended resources (CodeAcademy, CodeWars, PairUp, Learn Ruby) and come along to one of our events. Here, you'll be able to chat to the team as well as current Makers and alumni. It's free so grab tickets to our next event HERE.