When are your courses starting?

We have courses starting every four weeks.

For the latest dates, please check here: https://makers.tech/curriculum/ (scroll down!)

  • The precourse is part time and completed remotely, so roughly 20hrs/week for 4 weeks.
  • The onsite course is full time for 12 weeks onsite, usually students are in at 9:30, and leave around 6:30, with weekend work, so roughly 55-60 hours depending on the student.
  • After the 12 weeks' onsite course, there is a graduation on Friday. This is where the graduating cohort shows the projects they have been working on for the last two weeks. You can check out some of the projects here, and you are also welcome to come check out the graduation in real life.
  • The job hunting starts the Monday after the graduation. There is also still learning while applying for jobs, so the commitment here is the same as the course ideally - it is estimated to be about 40 hours/week.