Will we still have access to Careers Fairs and workshops? What happens to future Careers Fairs?

In order to ensure all of our students have the best opportunity of finding a great job, the Careers Fairs are going ahead remotely. Also, careers coaching will continue remotely.

You can find more details in the #_jobhunters channel on Slack, in your cohort channel if you are soon to graduate, or by asking a coach for more information.

In order to ensure you all have the best opportunity of finding a job, future Careers Fairs will still go ahead. We’ll run the Careers Fairs remotely.

Presentations will take place between 2:30pm and 5pm. We will allocate a time slot for each hiring partner to present. 

Each hiring partner will have 5 minutes to present, and there will be 15 minutes for questions. The Q&A session will be moderated by a member of the Partnerships team. 

The Careers Fair will happen via Zoom. Please make sure you register for a free Zoom account (https://zoom.us/) and download the Zoom client from that page (Resources > Download Zoom Client)

You will be able answer questions on a Hiring Partner specific thread in #_jobhunters channel. The moderator will when relay these questions to the hiring partner.