How long will it take me to find a tech job?

Our Makers are hired within four months on average however, how long it takes to get a job depend on a range of factors. The market, how much time you commit to job hunting, if you take a break after the course will all impact the process.

It's important to try to not compare your others too as people all have different situations. It may take longer if you have caring responsibilities or take on any part time work. 

Some decide to take the job-hunt slightly slower after the bootcamp and take time for rest and to practice coding. If you are looking in a very specific area of the UK, or abroad, expect your job hunt to be longer on average, too.

We strongly suggest you budget for a six month job hunt and have a back-up plan should you not have a job in that time-frame. Importantly, we don’t pressure you to find a job quickly if you’re not comfortable with that and we’ll support every Maker, whatever your job-hunting journey looks like. We want you to experience the job-hunt as an enjoyable learning experience which allows you to grow in confidence before you start working as a professional developer.