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How much programming do I need to know to join?

Before joining Makers you'll be asked to complete several coding resources. This is to ensure you enjoy coding on a daily basis and that you have the base level of knowledge to follow the first few weeks of the course. The first language you'll learn at Makers is Python, here are the resources you'll need to complete to join: 


Codewars - This is an online platform where you'll be asked to score 100 honour points. Only attempt the 7th and 8th level katas. 

Makers Python Challenge - When you apply, we'll send you a resource designed by our coaching team. 

Coding Challenge - You'll complete an online coding challenge in Python to assess your skills. 

Any other resources? 

Whilst the above resources are the only ones you'll need to complete for your application, Codecademy Python is also a handy resource for beginners to get started.