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Who can apply to the course?

Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to apply to our courses, there is no upper limit. We've taught students up to 65 so far! Please be aware that remote and hybrid options are delivered live by our coaches. Content is not pre-recorded so it will be delivered in UK time between 9am - 6pm. For our apprenticeship programmes, you'll need the right to work in the UK. 

You do not need any specific qualifications to join our courses. Apprenticeship require GCSE's grade C or above in English and Maths but these can be acquired on programme and shouldn't prevent you from applying!

You do not need any technical background to apply to our course but we will as you t complete the below coding resources. If you're thinking of applying, we encourage you to start these now so you can quickly and easily join the course you're aiming for: 

Step 1:

Please ensure you read through the instructions carefully

Intro to Python

Step 2:
Once you have completed the Intro to Python, please move onto Codewars and reach 100 honour by completing Python katas (start with level 8kyu).


When you're ready to apply, please include links to these resources in your appliation.