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What is the difference between the Apprenticeship and the Bootcamp course?

Makers Academy Bootcamp Programs:

Makers bootcamp programs offer an intense and focused learning experience designed to propel individuals into the tech industry. The bootcamp is 16 weeks, providing an accelerated journey into the world of technology. Students engage in a hands-on curriculum, delving into coding languages, frameworks, and industry practices.

Learners receive comprehensive job hunting support, including workshops and interview practice, empowering them to enter the job market with confidence. Additionally, post-graduation, they enjoy the flexibility of choosing where they work, either among the network of hiring partners introduced to them by Makers, or elsewhere in the industry. 

Apprenticeship Programs:

Apprenticeship programs offer an intensive 4-month learning phase, akin to bootcamps, followed by approximately 18 months on placement within a tech team. During this period, apprentices work within their teams while also completing the necessary coursework for the qualification. 

Apprentices gaining valuable workplace experience and contribute meaningfully to projects. Unlike bootcamp graduates who have flexibility in choosing their workplace, apprentices are employed at a company from the start of the 'bootcamp' phase and throughout the placement phase. 

Both pathways offer distinct advantages, catering to different learning styles and career trajectories. Makers bootcamps focus on rapid skill acquisition and job readiness, while apprenticeships offer a blended learning model, integrating theoretical knowledge with immersive workplace experiences.