How much DevOps do you teach on the course?

Understanding how much DevOps work will be integrated into the course and what is relevant in a DevOps role.

None! However, we embed Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) into the course (for example developers practice opening pull requests with automated tests during PreCourse - before they even make it onto the full time course).

During the second Engineering Project there is a requirement to deploy their application, and put in place a simple CD pipeline to run automated tests and deploy to Heroku (cloud service platform). It is entirely up to the developers how they organise their work during this project, so not all developers are guaranteed to engage with setting up the CD pipeline, but all developers will experience building a product that is deployed using CD.

We also introduce how CI can be used to reduce complexity when working in teams, and give guidance on how to manage their workflow. However, it is up to the developers to put these practices in place.

Teams usually deploy their final projects although we don’t specify this as a requirement.


*This material refers specifically to our academy course (bootcamp) — it doesn't refer to the apprenticeship course."