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How do I maximise my chance of getting onto the bootcamp course?

If you think Makers is the bootcamp for you, there are a few steps to take before submitting your application to ensure you're in as good a position as possible to get onto the cohort you want. 

1. Prepare:

2. What made you consider a career in tech? 

In this section of the application form, our team want to get to know you and understand your motivation to join Makers, and begin a career in the tech industry. Here are somethings we're looking for: 

  • Your motivation - What led you to want to start a career in tech. Is there a small part of your current role that's related? Are you a keen problem solver? Did a friends career change spark your interest? What ever your drive, we want to know about it. Nothing is the 'right' answer, all we're looking for is dedication and understanding that this isn't just the next 16 weeks. It's your whole future career. 
  • Why tech? - We want to understand why you want to join the tech industry. What areas excite you? What industry trends have you seen recently? 
  • Have you tried coding before? - We would love to know if you have any background in coding or have ever tried to do any kind of coding in the past.
  • Why Makers? - We want to know why you want to join us here at Makers and what we do that really attracts you to us.