What kind of employers hire Makers?

We work with big and small companies.

We have an extremely diverse network of tech companies who choose to hire Makers when they want a junior. We place little emphasis on the product you’d be working on and the technologies you’ll be working with and place much more emphasis on the learning environment. A suitable learning environment for us means that the tech team is large enough to support new junior developers and that the company has really considered how to support you to grow into your new role. We also look for tech teams that embrace Agile working practices and value well-written code.

Our hiring network changes all the time and some of the most exciting companies you’ll want to work at will probably be completely new to you. We currently have long-standing relationships with Capgemini, Deloitte, BCB Group, Anthony Nolan, Totally Money, ClearScore, EngineerBetter and MVF to name a few.

We also recommend checking this link out about where our alumni works: https://www.linkedin.com/school/makers-academy/alumni/