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How much programming do I need to know to join?

We don't expect you to know all there is to know about coding but you'll need to demonstrate that you're serious about applying and have taken steps to begin your educational journey.

We will ask you to come in to a pairing session after having studied some online course about Ruby - Code Academy, Learn Ruby in 15 and TryRuby are all great places to start.

The reason for this is two-fold:

  1. we need to know that you actually enjoy coding. The course is demanding, and if you don't enjoy it, it will be even tougher.
  2. we need to know you will be able to keep up with the pace of the course.

This is how Haylee, Makers staff member described a good application during a Q&A session:

What makes a good application?
Haylee: You need to tell us what you’ve done. The resources you’ve worked on, what’s your motivation to code, why are you interested in software, if you’ve gone to meet-ups, all of these things are going to tell us that you’re taking this seriously, it’s not just flirting with code, you want to become a software developer.

And this is the advice current and post-course Makers give about preparing for Makers:

How much self directed learning did you do before Makers:
Florence: I did an online course. It was a couple of hours a day for as couple of months. They advise you do Codecademy then apply but I didn’t know much beyond that.
Chase: I went to one of these Q&A’s and them applied a month later. I worked on the materials they recommended. Really focus on that and give yourself time to get through it.
Ben: I tend to read books. The Chris Pine book is excellent, some people prefer the online resources. I wish I’d practiced my communication skills more than anything before coming here. Software is about working in teams. Go out, socialise, go to speak to people in bus stops if you have to because the better you can communicate the more you’ll get out of it. People teach each other here.