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What resources do you recommend?

There are loads of resources online which can help you brush up on your skills before you apply however, we recommend the following resources to get started on your journey.

Codecademy - Go to their website and work throught their Ruby course. During the interview you'll be asked to complete challenges in Ruby so make sure you know your stuff

Learn Ruby in 15 - This is a great Ruby resource that was put together by our coaches. Ideal to move on to if you've completed Code Academy. Follow the link and enter your email to receive the book into your inbox. 

PairUp - this is a paying option and by no means obligatory, but Makers graduates can spend an hour with you preparing you for a pairing session. Added bonus - you can ask them questions about their Makers experience!

Come and meet us! - We run frequent events here at Makers where you can come and chat to staff and students about applying, careers and the Makers experience. Click HERE to see what's coming up.

Remember, getting into Makers isn't about knowing every element of Ruby and being a syntax pro. We want to see your problem solving skills, your passion and your personality so bring these to your application too.