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Maximising your chances of getting on the Makers Course

Understanding what you can do best to get on the course.

Getting onto the course is the first step for everyone interested in Makers.

But how can you maximise your chances of getting on the course?

The first step is to:

1. Prepare:

Here are the things you can do to prepare for the course.

  • Attend events such as our Q&A sessions & Demo Days. (You can book your attendance here)
  • Book a drop in visit to check out our offices and the facilities. (You book that here)
  • Use coding resources such as Codewars or Codecademy. (Work through Ruby tracks)
  • Here are some other recommended resources:
  • Ruby Koans
  • Ruby Monstas
  • Codewars (Ruby Katas)
  • Exercism (Ruby)
  • if you are more of a reader, Jumpstart Labs' 100 minutes tutorial is a great one.
  • you can also sign up for our Learn Ruby 4-week email course - we send you resources every 2-3 days (mostly chosen from the above links).
  • Makers also has a learningtocode slack channel with our budding devs and Makers staff, where you can ask us any questions or reach out if you get stuck coding.

2. Motivation Letter:

When applying, we'll ask you to write a motivation letter. Here are somethings we want you to write about in your motivation letter.

  • Your Background - We want to know where you have come from career wise and understand this part of you.
  • Why Software Development? - We want to understand why you want to be a software developer.
  • Have you tried coding before? - We would love to know if you have any background in coding or have ever tried to do any kind of coding in the past.
  • Why Makers? - We want to know why you want to join us here at Makers and what we do that really attracts you to us.
Maximising your chances V2

Need to know more?

The comprehensive guide to joining Makers can be found here!