What is your timetable?

Our timetable is Monday-Friday 9:30-6:30. You should expect to spend around 55-60 hours a week on the course.

Our course is full time 

There will be weekend work for our students to do.

Here is how some Makers described the course workload during a Q&A session:

Question: People say the course is intense and tiring. How much work do you take home?
Florence: It is tiring mentally but that’s why they have the yoga classes, so you can step away. For me personally I leave around six o’clock every day and I make sure I leave the work here. At the weekend it’s different because there are weekend challenges and you choose to complete as much as you want. It’s up to you.
Chase: For me it’s the same. I left the work here, by six o’clock you’ve taken on so much information it’s not worth trying to cram more in there. On weekends I did a lot of work maybe two full-time days but that was my choice.
Ben: One thing they teach here is meditation. It might sound a bit out-there but by the time you get to two o’clock you really just need a mechanism to clear your thoughts. The meditation techniques I would highly recommend. I was sceptical at the beginning but my concentration sky -rocketed after two, three weeks of doing it. It’s great. “Take a break” is something that’s been drummed into my head. Take a break, play ping pong, meditate and go back.