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What should my motivation letter be about?

Makers is a highly demanding course, thus we are very selective in our application process. We want to make sure that the people who start the course ar enthusiastic about coding, and can see a career in coding.

Your motivation letter is an important part in convincing us to choose you.

What we are looking for in a motivation letter is for people to prove that they are;

  1. Interested enough in coding
  2. Sure that coding was the right path for them
  3. Motivated to join Makers, as opposed to another bootcamp.

What we recommend before the motivation letter, you; 

  1. Go through a couple of coding exercises - Codeacademy Ruby is a great start.
  2. Read up on Makers: why is it our coding school that you think you would be best suited for?

In your motivation letter, touch up on the following;

  1. What's your background?
  2. Why do you think coding is for you?
  3. What coding background (such as Codeacademy) you may have.
  4. Why did you choose Makers as your software bootcamp?